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Sandra and Wes Lyerla are new to the Literary World. Their writing project was originally intended as a short bedtime story, however, Sandra's passion about the writing grew more intense to use this as a 'legacy' for their children and grandchildren to remember them by. This writing project is a 'Trilogy' called The Legend of Mariah of Everon, a Romantic, Historical Fiction set in the 1700's in Scotland.

Wes has been a big part of this project, helping with editing, research, and in being an inspiration for one of the 'Character Heros' in this fantastical tale. Sandra, an Author and Artist, worked for years in the medical field as a medical transcriptionist, and later as a Banker. In 2006, she was forced to quit her job when diagnosed with a rare and unusually terminal condition of the bone marrow, proliferative myelofibrosis. On March 2, 2013, our beloved Sandra passed away. Wes and Sandra were married almost 16 years, and Sandra was just days from turning "55". Wes and Lighthouse Coastal are continuing with the 'Passion' Sandra left us with, and we are currently in the process of submitting the manuscripts to Publishers.

The times are dark and tumultuous. The English King perceives the Scottish highlanders a dangerous threat to his agenda. How can he possibly rule a world empire if he cannot rule the whole of his own island? The independent, unruly highland clans must be brought into submission.The conflict culminates in the Battle of Culloden where the highlanders are once and for all, crushed. Now, their culture is to be annhilated, forever. Never again will the clans unite to rise up in rebellion against their English king.

Caught up in the terror of these times, Mariah Thornton is a young lass in desperate trouble. She is hopelessly trapped in a conflict of her own. Damian Campbell is enamored with her, and Mariah's father hates and loathes this 'Dark Lord of Dragon's Lair'. Damian is the man directly responsible for confiscating their land, burning them out of their home, and the ruthless slaughter of most of their clan. Her father, once a proud clan chief in his own right, is reduced to a wretched existence. He, along with the rest of his family and surviving clan, must eke out a living in a God forsaken place on Damian's land, the Village of Foddy Feayn'. There, along the rocky coastline, Mariah and her kin are forced to rely on fishing, and, in the summer months, are reduced to virtual slave labor, harvesting kelp to add to Damian's already substantial wealth.

To spite Damian, Mariah's father has betrothed her to one of his kinsmen ... a vile, coarse man Mariah can barely tolerate. When Damian gets word of her father's plan, he rides into the Village of Foddy Feayn' and kidnaps her. In desperation, Mariah throws herself upon God's mercy, taking an enormous leap of faith. Defying impossible odds, Mariah braves the icy waters of the northern Atlantic, barely managing to get herself alive to the Isle of Skye. She is found on the beach, unconscious, and taken to the Castle of Lainnir Torr by a local fisherman. Mariah awakens to find herself in yet more peril. Unable to reveal her true identy for fear she will be sent back to Damian, or worse ...her betrothed, she is believed to possibly be a spy. She is held captive by the dark and devastatingly handsome laird of the castle, Ethan MacClain, who has troubles of his own. But, this is not the end of Mariah's troubles. To her horror, she is to learn that there is not ONE, but TWO young 'Lairds of Lainnir Torr.'

Book: Ranger Girl of Everon is a Romatic, Historical Fiction set in the 1700's in Scotland ... First in 'The Legend of Mariah of Everon' Trilogy ...


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