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Lighthouse Coastal Productions™


              The Lighthouse Group of Lighthouse Coastal Productions and Lighthouse News Bureau

Lighthouse Coastal Productions™ and Lighthouse News Bureau™ is a Media, Marketing, Publicity and Promotions Group, Producer of Radio & TV, and an Internet & Web Consultant. We manage and represent Published Authors, Writers, Columnists, Speakers, Artists and Media Professionals.

      The Lighthouse Group - A Northern Light for a Southern Shore... We Light Paths!

"The Importance in Life is to Educate Our Personal Growth - To Listen with Our Vision... Observe with Our Hearing... Touch with Our Compassion... Feel with Our Intellect... and Taste with Our Mind"... © LHCP™

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The Lighthouse Group


The Lighthouse Group consisting of Lighthouse Coastal Productions and Lighthouse News Bureau Client's include Shirley W. Mitchell, "The Golden Egg of Aging™" ~ Author of 10 Books, Co-Author of 5 Books, Writer, Syndicated Columnist, Speaker & Celebrity Radio Talk Show Host; Wes & Sandra Lyerla ~ Authors, and The Lighthouse Chef.

                                      Shirley W. Mitchell, known as The Golden Egg of Aging™ is the owner of the Fabulous after 50®, Sensational after 60® and Aging Outside the Box® Syndicated Media Groups        Wes & Sandra F. Lyerla, Authors

The Guest Quarters is the location of our Website customers and Business Associates which include Alice G. Duckett and her business Shadowpurr-r-rPress, RevMedia Network, Willie Hamblen, Dr. Betty Hamblen and Boaz Civitans.

Gadsden Library Local Author Day


          Gadsden Public Library

May 17, 2014... 10am-3PM-CST... Local Author Day & Radio Show - Gadsden Public Library 254 College St Gadsden, Alabama 35901 tel. 256-549-4688. Gadsden Public Library will be hosting their annual Local Author Day in a new Month this year. You may bring any promotional materials and giveaways you would like and, of course, are free to sell your books on this day as well. We will provide space (3 foot table space) for you to meet and greet your fans and our patrons. Tables will already be set up with your name taped to the front of your assigned table. We will also have doughnuts and coffee for your enjoyment before the event gets started. Those wishing to sign-up or if you need more information Contact: Debbie Walker, Cataloger & Head of Tech Services tel. 256-549-4699 ext. 104 or There is a $10 registration fee. There will be a Meet & Greet for the Authors from 3-4PM.

Local Author's participating in this Event include:
Dr. Gary Lett ~ Sideline
Patryna Goosby ~ My Silent Cry
Elizabeth Mozley McGrady ~ We Share the Same Sky
Amanda A.G. Porter ~ The Shadow~Book #1 The Darkness Trilogy & The Forsaken~Book #2 The Darkness Trilogy
Amanda Bray Cody ~ The Bear in Despair~Book #1 Lila the Lavender Porcupine’s Sticky Situations Series
and... Doug Rich, Vanessa Austin, Tracy Spears, Mike Ragland, Savannah Rose and T. Watkins.

Visitors... Remember to pick up your PASSPORT at the Front desk!

People will be given a "passport" at the front desk, then they can walk around the library visiting authors where they will receive a stamp from each one on their passport, allowing the authors to talk about their books. Once a person has received all stamps from all authors on their passport, they can turn the passport in at the end of the day for a chance at a prize, which the library will handle. Authors will be located throughout the library. We will wrap up the event by having a "Final Chapter" reception for all authors. This will run from 3 to 4 PM. Refreshments will be in the Lena Martin Room gving the library a chance to say "thanks" to all the authors for attending.

Lighthouse Coastal Productions™ and Aging Outside the Box® Syndicated Media Groups in conjunction with the Gadsden Public Library will have a Radio Show highlighting the Library and the Local Authors. Local Authors will be showcasing and signing their works.

New Boomer Book Promotion!


"Boomer Women are a Fountain of Effervescent Wisdom. We Shape and Change the Future because We Dare to Dream. We have an Exciting and Vibrant Life from Here to Eternity. The Teachings of Experience are Within our Soul and the Passions of Our Reflections. We are Devoted to Being Woman, Relishing our Womanhood with a Positive Attitude. Embracing Life at the Golden 50 and Beyond is Living Victoriously in a Redefined Age" ... Shirley W. Mitchell

                                      Fabulous after 50~Finding Fulfillment for Tomorrow - ISBN# 9781603747370 & eBook ISBN# 9781603747387 by Shirley W. Mitchell with Whitaker House      Sensational after 60~Loving Life All Over Again - ISBN# 9781603747479 & eBook ISBN# 9781603747486 by Shirley W. Mitchell with Whitaker House

Fabulous after 50~Finding Fulfillment for Tomorrow - In this age of living longer, many women forget about living better. The race to prolong life somehow stops the drive to add quality to that life. This doesn't have to be so, and here is dynamic proof of that daring defiance. Author Shirley W. Mitchell challenges those approaching 50 not to dread it, but to relish the future. Greet it and make it your friend. Realize that passing through physical, emotional, and spiritual changes can take you to powerful places filled with new possibilities.

Sensational after 60~Loving Life All Over Again - Your career is nearing its end. Your grandchildren are leaving home. Health challenges are affecting some of your closest relationships. It's the aging thing-the dreaded "A" word. If you find yourself dreading any more candles on your birthday cake, take some tips from Shirley W. Mitchell. Teaching people how to live sensational lives after 60 is her passion. She's succeeded at it, and so can you! Shirley addresses a host of important issues, from medical concerns to coping with the loss of a spouse. Learn how to embrace challenges like...
-Nutrition and health choices
-Unexpected opportunities and challenges
-The end of a marriage
Most of all, you will learn that your future is immeasurably bright. Your best years may still be ahead of you!

Find Out More About Fabulous after 50 & Sensational after 60!


Southern Writers Festival - B&N

Aug. 24, 2013... 11am-1PMCST... Southern Writers Festival ~ Barnes & Noble Summit Shopping Center 201 Summit Boulevard Suite 100 Birmingham, AL 35243 tel. 205-298-0665 Contact Person: Pam Tindal, CRM crm2858 @ Authors participating in the Festival include: Shirley W. Mitchell, The Golden Egg of Aging™, a National Author, Writer, Speaker, Syndicated Columnist and Celebrity Radio Talk Show Host signing her books - Fabulous after 50, Sensational after 60, Love Notes for Mom, Love Notes for Dad, 101 Great Ways To Improve Your Life, Love Like God and Women Will Save The World; More Info to Follow!

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